45 Creative Rack Ideas to Store Your Wine Collections

Do you have an interest in wine? Then, do you have a collection of several wines in your home? If so, you need a proper storage for your wine collections. In this case, all you need is a wine rack. A wine rack will store and keep well your wine without fear of falling. In addition, you can use some wine rack ideas and designs as part of your home decor. Regardless of how you choose to store your wine collections, you can be creative in the way you display your wine. Therefore, it is important for you to think about and choose a wine rack design that is suitable for the rest of your home decor.

45 creative rack ideas to store your wine collections1

There are several types of racks available for storing your wine collections. Some of these include wall-mounted wine racks. Wall-mounted wine racks can be a great way to display your wine collection. The horizontal display allows for easy viewing of the labels, and they also keep bottles safe. For a more rustic look, you can also go for a wooden wine rack. Another choice, a built-in shelf can be your option. Moreover, wood platforms for wine racks can help you display your wine collection in a stylish manner. These racks come in a variety of designs and sizes. They’re perfect for storing your wine collection and displaying it in the dining room, pantry, or closet. Furthermore, leather sling or upcycled items can be used for wine rack ideas.
Barnwood wine rack

Barnwood Wine Rack from apartmenttherapy


Built-in Wine Rack Kitchen Island Design from apartmenttherapy

Countertop rack

Countertop DIY Wine Rack from apartmenttherapy

Geometric wall display

Geometric Wall Display from apartmenttherapy


Standing Wooden Wine Rack from apartmenttherapy


Wall Mounted X Shaped Wine Rack from apartmenttherapy

Industrial tabletop display

Industrial Tabletop Display from apartmenttherapy

Leather sling

Sling Leather Bottle Wine Display from apartmenttherapy

Repurposed pegboard

Repurposed Pegboard Wine Rack from apartmenttherapy

Wine and glass storage

Wine and Glass Storage from apartmenttherapy

Wine rack storage organizer

Wine Rack Storage Organizer from apartmenttherapy

Copper pipe wine rack

Copper Pipe Wine Rack from architecturesideas


Hanging DIY Solid Wood Wine Rack from architecturesideas

Countertop wine rack plan

Countertop A Shaped Wine Rack from architecturesideas

Diy a-frame wine rack plan

DIY Frame Wine Rack Plan from architecturesideas

Diy chest wine rack

DIY Blue Chest Wine Rack from architecturesideas


DIY Wall Mounted Wine Rack from architecturesideas

Dowel wine rack

Standing Dowel Wine Rack from architecturesideas

Industrial wine rack plan

Industrial Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack from architecturesideas

Ladder rack for wine storage

Ladder Rack for Wine Storage from architecturesideas

Metal wine rack under the stairs

Metal Wine Rack Under the Stairs from architecturesideas

Picket fence wine rack

Picket Fence Wine Rack from architecturesideas


Recycling Wheels Wine Rack from architecturesideas

Vertical bottle holder

Vertical Hanging Bottle Holder from architecturesideas

Vertical wine storage

Reclaimed Wood Vertical Wine Storage from architecturesideas

Wall mount diy wine rack

Wall Mount DIY Wine Rack from architecturesideas

Wine bar

Wine Bar with Open Rack Ideas from architecturesideas

Wine cart

Industrial Wine Cart from architecturesideas


Triple Wall Monted Wine Rack from architecturesideas


Hanging DIY Wine Rack Plans from architecturesideas


Village Shaped Unique Wine Rack from architecturesideas


Hanging Pallet Wood Wine Rack from architecturesideas


Standing Winding Wine Rack from architecturesideas


Hexagon Wine Rack with Gold Iron Material from architecturesideas


Hanging Thick Wire Wine Rack from architecturesideas


Planks Wood with Iron Wine Bootle Display from architecturesideas


Thick Pegboard Bottle Wine Holder from architecturesideas


Wine Rack with Glass Display Design from architecturesideas


Open Space Wine Rack Design from architecturesideas


Irregular Wooden Wine Rack from architecturesideas


Modern and Minimalist Look Wine Rack from architecturesideas


Rustic Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack On Budget from architecturesideas


Stacked DIY Barrel Design from bobvila


Wall Mounted Oval Shaped Wine Rack from bobvila


Industrial Iron Hanging Wine Rack from bobvila

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