Arrange Your Coffee Mugs with These 50 Holder Ideas

Whether you are a coffee addict or not, you have some coffee mug in your home for sure. Especially, if you have a coffee station in your home. If you have more than one a coffee mug, you need to think how to arrange your coffee mug collections. Keeping them neatly organized will make it easier for you to find and reach them anytime. Therefore, you need a coffee mug holder to arrange neatly your coffee mugs. There are various kinds of coffee mug holders that you can choose from. Every its styles can be adjusted to your need and taste. You can choose from the stylish to the classic one. Even, you can make a DIY coffee mug holder with your creativity.

Arrange your coffee mugs with these 50 holder ideas1

Related to that, wall-mounted holders are a great way to save space on your countertop while not crowding it. You can use wood pallet or wood board and add hooks to hang your coffee mugs. Another option is to purchase a rod that fits under kitchen cabinet. Install it and don’t forget to add some S hooks. You can also make a DIY mug tree. This project looks super chic, and you can even make it yourself! Moreover, a lazy Susan is a great way to store your favorite coffee mugs. For another idea, you can also use various kinds of pegboard, either wood pegboard or iron ones. They are great to hold several coffee mugs. It is also possible for you to use recycled items as a coffee mug holder idea. Furthermore, here are references for you.


Farmhouse Coffee DIY Rack from diys

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A Shaped for Coffee Mug Holder from diys


Mug Rack on the Coffee Station from diys


DIY Wood Coffee Cup Display from diys


Hook Coffee Mug Holder from diys


DIY Wall Mounted Coffee Rack from diys


Colored Pegboard Coffee Mugs Holder from diys


Cable Spool DIY Mug Holder from diys


DIY Coffee Storage from diys


DIY Coffee Wall Track from diys


Mug Holder on the Side Cabinet from diys


Black Iron Coffee Mug Holder from diys


Spoon Hooks Design from diys


DIY Pallet Coffee Mug Holder from diys


Rustic Style Mug Holder from diys


Under Cabinet Hooks Mug Holder from diys


Vertical Wooden Coffee Rack from diys


Standing Pallet Mug Holder from homebnc

Coffee mug holder with plumbing pipe

Coffee Mug Holder with Plumbing Pipe from homebnc

Cup hooks

Built-in Cup Hooks from homebnc

Diy box with screws

DIY Box with Screws from homebnc

Diy mug holder with four pegs

DIY Mug Holder with Four Pegs from homebnc

Framed arrangement with hooks

Framed Arrangement with Hooks from homebnc

Heart shaped coffee mug rack

Heart Shaped Coffee Mug Rack from homebnc

Little house for coffee mugs

Little House for Coffee Mugs from homebnc

Open wooden wall holder

Open Wooden Wall Holder from homebnc

Pedestal rack for coffee mugs

Pedestal Rack for Coffee Mugs from homebnc


Vertical Pegboard Mug Holder from homebnc

Reclaimed shutter

Reclaimed Shutter Mug Holder from homebnc

Rustic planks

Rustic Planks Mug Holder from homebnc

Stenciled lettering

Stenciled Lettering Mug Holder from homebnc

Stenciled wall rack

Stenciled Wall Rack Mug Holder from homebnc

Weathered look

Weathered Look Mug Holder from homebnc

Wine barrel staves

Wine Barrel Staves from homebnc

Black wrought iron mug holder

Black Wrought Iron Mug Holder from homebnc

Boxed shelf coffee mug hotel

Boxed Shelf Coffee Mug Holder from homebnc

Geometric hexagon copper coffee mug holder

Geometric Hexagon Copper Coffee Mug Holder from homebnc

Industrial countertop mug organizer

Industrial Countertop Mug Organizer from homebnc

Lighted wall niche and display

Lighted Coffee Mug Holder from homebnc

Metal and wood mug wall organizer

Metal and Wood Mug Wall Organizer from homebnc

Minimalist white mug storage shelves

Minimalist White Mug Storage Shelves from homebnc

Modern farmhouse white pallet mug organizer

Modern Farmhouse White Pallet Mug Organizer from homebnc

Pegboard mug hanger

Pegboard Mug Hanger from homebnc

Portable tabletop mug hook

Portable Tabletop Mug Hook from from homebnc

Stacked block rustic mug tree

Stacked Block Rustic Mug Tree from from homebnc

Turquoise wooden box mug holder

Turquoise Wooden Box Mug Holder from homebnc

Vintage red wooden shelf

Vintage Red Wooden Shelf with Hook from from homebnc

Wall-mounted dish rack

Wall Mounted Dish Rack from homebnc

Wood pallet strip coffee mug

Wood Pallet Strip Coffee Mug from homebnc

Wooden shelf mug holder

Wooden Shelf Mug Holder from homebnc