Best and Coolest 16 Stackable Food Containers in 2021


Meal Prep Containers 3 Piece Set Glass Storage with Lids Glass Containers Stackable Food Containers Stackable Food Storage Container Meal Prep Premier Glass Storage Containers - ▲ Diamond buckle cover, easy to open and close, stylish and beautiful. ▲ Capacity, 380ml / 490ml / 840ml. ▲ No sealing ring, easy to clean, no dirt and dirt, avoid secondary pollution. ▲ Imported glass material, heat-resistant temperature difference 120 ℃ c, corrosion resistance. ▲ polycarbonate cover, heat-resistant temperature difference of 140 degrees, can be added into the microwave oven.


Marceooselm Microwave Safe Rectangular Lunch Box,Lunch Bento Box Stackable Food Containers 3 Tier Storage For Adults Kids School Work Leakproof With Tableware-Healthy And Safety, Easy To Clean - 3-tier bento box, reasonable distribution of meals, according to your like can split and combination the tiers. Portable style, easy to carry for school, picnic ,camping and so on. Sealed leakproof bento box, the inside is equipped with sealing rings, which is sealed against leaks to prevent the soup from overflowing. The lunch box is made of high quality pp material, healthy and safety, easy to clean. The 1800ml hierarchical bento lunch box meet the capacity requirements of daily, microwave safecan be used in the microwave oven.


Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Boxes, 23 OZ The All-in-one Stackable Lunchbox Includes 2 Stackable Food Containers with Lock Clips (TOTAL 23 OZ) - Satisfaction guarantee we are confident that this stainless steel food container will meet and exceed your expectations full refund or replacement is available if you are not 100% satisfied. Size118 oz capacity for each, totally 23 oz capacity, stackable design bento box(note do not put in microwave). Environment & human friendly our lunchbox are made with 100% food grade stainless steel they are non-toxic & non-leaching and are bpa-free, phthalates-free, pvc-free, vinyl-free and lead-free. Compact & easy storage top container nests inside the bottom one for compact & easy storagedute to totally independent space kids and adults can use it for their favorite sides at lunchtime, or it can hold a full meal for toddlershowever, because the lids aren’t watertight be sure to pack only dry foods(note do not put in microwave). Easy to cleanthis snack box is dishwasher safe of course, you also could wash it with warm soapy water by hands and patted dry to prevent water spot marks.


Taco Mocho 1.4L Square Stackable Food Container With Handle, Microwave Bento Box with Chopsticks Spoon for Adults ren - Eco-friendly material made from food grade safe, non-toxic material it is fda-certified and bpa-free our bento box is not harm for you to use. Good choice these mini bento box were totally made of premium material, fda certificated with the leading production technology definitely is the most optimal and reasonable choice. Great function it is convenient for you to storage various food and protect your food from dust and keep the food hot and clean, very portable so you carry it when you go to work or school or go camping. “Need to buy we are always proud of prestigious store and bring the best shopping experience for all customers we are willing to support buyers any time don’t hesitate to buy our mini bento box now note our normal delivery time is within 15-20 days if you ordered our item, we can not cancel your order which is being shipped on the way”. Wide usage this mini bento box is used for most people, officer it is suitable for your children to bring the food when they go to school.


HAIHANGYUANDA Food Crisper – Stackable Food Container, Plastic Sealed Can, Crisper, Dry Goods, Seasoning Box, Moisture-Proof, Grain Storage, Set of Ten, 500ml - Replacement and satisfaction guarantee if you are not satisfied with rongxin, you can return it and we will return it to you yes, ordering today will not take any risks. More advantages hanger design, keep the lid clean stackable to make your kitchen and home clean and orderly removable cover, can be cleaned, carefully wiped before reuse to avoid bacteria and sealing effect. Safety certificationfda-approved, bpa-free plastic kitchen water tanks are lightweight, durable and safe to ensure the safety of you and your family. Airtight cleaning super sealed to keep food clean and fresh suitable for storing a variety of foods, such as grain dispensers, flour storage, sweet cans, grain storage containers, dog or cat food containers, oatmeal cans, etc. Simple and convenient the active lock design is designed to safely lock the system, even without high partitions, it will not fall easily, resulting in safe and efficient refrigerator processing.


m·kvfa Breathable Refrigerator Eggs Storage Box 24 Eggs Holder Food Storage Container Case Large Capacity Stackable Food Container - ✿ Kitchen home plastic keg leg boxers men briefs pack meg set ceramic chicken nesting ornate peg toy quail robin blue ring planner boxed trinket thrones wood clear collector weights pioneer woman bites pie basket accessories reusable stack-able carton lid airtight bin space bags comforter clothing hanging deviled mind reader drawer dogs toys food fresh containers stackable hard boiled half iron keeper tray rack specialty powdered long term legs preserving meat dairy metal life portable. ✿ materialpp plasticmade of plastic material, solid, safe ,do not harm for peoplecan used for storage eggs or other small items. ✿ Holder and set designer world organizer fit fresh kit notes can freeze accessories labels hanger horse hello kitty jute tactical a prime flowers hard plastic liner extra orange purple under dollars tall sprouts leak proof square polka dot novelty box compartment keep warm put in freezer nurse electric dragon ball big easy clean meals queen spade pineapple princess clear roll top youth pencil case inches vintage utensil red venture compact baby bottles leftover round vegan long. ✿ Cover locks tightly, convenient for house keeping, carrying and camping single side opening design, can be used as an egg box, and can be sealed when fresh. ✿ Single deck of designing,can storage 24 eggs and prevent them from breakingeasy to carry and save much space for your home.


Art Jian Meal Prep Containers 9 Piece Set Glass Storage Meal Prep Glass Containers Stackable Food Containers Containers with Lids Glass Storage Containers Stackable Glass Meal Prep Containers - High-quality and high-temperature resistance, instantaneous heat-resistant temperature difference of 120 degrees, cover with microwave oven, no water loss. Crystal clear a bowl to the end, save cooking / panning / leftovers, cover it in the oven, one bowl is enough. No rubber strip on the lid, easy to clean, prevent dirt from being hidden on the silicone strip, healthier. Product capacity 550ml 3 + 800ml 3 + 1l 3. Save time and money containers are ideal for those looking for a convenient way to save money and time its outstanding appearance and ease of use encourage healthy eating and cooking at home.


Insulated Lunch Box ,Large Capacity Double Stainless Steel Stackable Food Container,Applicable to School Work Travel Picnic, 1.3L - We believe that you will like our stylish lunch box, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. The of the bento lunch box has handles , easy to carry,suitable for outdoor, travel, picnic, business, schools,gym. Vacuum insulated lunch box is made of high quality 304 stainless steel material and can keep the food hot or cold for 3 hours,suitable for four seasons. A reusable sealed lunch box that prevents any spillage or odor and keeps the diet fresh and free of contamination. Its size is used to control intake, allowing you to manage your food intake for a healthier lifestyle.


Bento Box Insulated Stainless Steel Lunch Box Thermal Compartment Stackable Food Containers with Lunch Bag & Cutlery qqxsd (Color : Black) - 【Safe and durable】 food grade stainless steel and polyethylene makes your lunch box safe and durable, no distortion, no rust, sealed silicone ring in each layer, better for keeping food fresh, you can enjoy your meal without worry. 【No worry about leakage】 each stainless steel inner layer is fitted with a soft silicone cover, then put it in the outer casing made of as material, double protection makes the bento box not only anti-scalding, but also prevent leakage, you can bring soup or liquid food freely. 【perfect as a gift】give it as a gift on valentine’s day, christmas,birthdays and any other occasions that you can think of. 【Super packs】lunch box + lunch bag + cutlery set (spoon+chopsticks), the matching tableware eliminates the trouble of taking another spoon and chopsticks, you can pack your favourite soup, pasta or fried rice to your office, school or anywhere you’re away from home. 【Special design】this cute bento box mainly has 3 layers, keeping food separated and organized, each inner layer of stainless steel can be taken out and heated on a induction cooker, the air holes on the lid make it easier to open the lunch box when you take hot food.


Ambergron Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids, 6 Pcs Set 1.05-qt Each, Stackable Food Container for Pantry, Kitchen, Countertop with Label and Pen, BPA-free, Clear - 【6 m size containers】 space saving design and fit nicely in a kitchen cabinet, set of 6 m size, 7″ 4″ 4″ and 1 liter(105qt) capacity each. 【Made for safe】 anti-fragile, bpa-free, food friendly, carry-n-go won’t shatter or crack on impact if dropped. 【Anti-fragile plastic】 made with durable plastic, these canisters are worry free from shatter or crack while falling or impacting. 【Versatile & stackable】 great for kitchen, pantry, and countertop food storing, including sugar, salt, flour, rice, cereals, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, and cookies. 【airtight food storage】 effectively anti-leak lids keep your dry food safe and fresh, 100% leak-proof guaranteed.


UPKOCH 4 Tier Thermal Lunch Bento Box Stackable Insulated Bento Box Food Container for Kids Adults (Blue) - Stainless steel provides good thermal insulation. With leak proof design, it is safer and more practical. Putting food separately, it can retain the original flavor of food. Arched handle, more comfortable and convenient to carry, when not in use can be pressed into the hide, compact design and generous, does not occupy space. Good sealing can prevent spillover effectively, the top can be placed with juicy food.


Natural Wooden Bento Lunch Boxes Double Layer Japanese Stackable Food Container for Picnic Sushi with Sealing Strap - Good thermal insulation this natural wooden lunch box has good thermal insulation and high temperature resistance, will not scald your hands and they are well insulated to make sure you get hot meals even when you travel. Safe to use this lunch box is made of high quality food-grade, eco-friendly natural wood material, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic it’s helper container to preserve the freshness and hygiene of your homemade meals. Easy to clean this food container is washable and will not corrosion you can wash it under the warm water with soap liquid and keep it dry for longer use. Easy to carry this lunch box is of moderate size and light weight, it is easy and convenient to carry, ideal for carry lunch, snacks, fruit, sushi for school, office, picnic, etc ideal for outdoor picnic, office or school. Double layer this bento boxes adopt double layer design, total includes 3 perfectly portioned compartments for packing a variety of foods in healthy portions, keeping your food fresh and help you portion control.


Lunch Bento Box Stackable Food Containers 2 Tier Storage for Adults Kids School Work BPA Free Leakproof with Tableware -  [Microwave/dishwasher/freezer safety] microwave oven safety . [multi-function portable] is best for carrying food, fruit, sushi as a lunch box for school or office, good color, looks delicious.


RIOLIFE 15 Grid Kitchen Refrigerator Eggs Storage Box Large Capacity Stackable Food Container Eggs Holder Container - Non-toxic and made from bpa-free material. Capacity holds up to 15 eggsholds one dozen eggs. Store your eggs safely while increasing space inside your refrigerator. It’s made well and holds a lot including the bigger eggs. Refrigerator freezer can be used normally, do not fear the low temperature.


HERF Egg Holder with Lid for Refrigerator, Stackable Food Container or Storag, Fits 24 Eggs, Transparent and Visibility - Egg holder features a storage lid and built-in handle, container holds up to 24 eggs. Clear for easy visibility. Exclusive container that can hold eggs. Back multilayer structure as possible to efficiently utilize the refrigerator space. Store your eggs safely while increasing space inside your refrigerator.


BABFY Dispenser Clear Egg Holder with Lid for Refrigerator, Large Capacity Stackable Food Container or Storage, Fits 24 Eggs - Functional storage organizer these versatile trays are the perfect solution for organizing fridges, these portable eggs carrying case box is designed especially for carrying the eggs easily, also suitable for storage strawberry and any other foods. Easy to use egg tray can use multiple superimposed on the refrigerator, beautiful and save space, neatly organize your refrigerator without any loose eggs or flimsy egg cartons. Practical kitchen storage this egg storage organizer container holds up to 24 eggs in normal size, keep your eggs safe and fresh with this home basics fridge bin each tray can hold 24 eggs. Wide application dust-proof unsealed lid is suitable for fridge, freezer, pantry, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, camping and picnic store eggs safely while preserving their freshness. Good quality made from high quality bpa free plastic material for strong durability and safety size 1299″ length x 814″ width x 307″ height.