DIY Household Green Cleaners for Summertime Sparkle

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DIY Natural CLEANERS:  Vinegar, Tea, Essential Oils Recipes from the Healing Powers Series
by Cal Orey
1. TEA AND CITRUS WINDOW CLEANER--Wash Windows: If your windows have dust, smears, and smudges, you don’t have to use harsh window cleaners. Put 1 cup of brewed white tea with 1 cup of water into a clean plastic spray bottle. Add 1 drop of lemon or orange essential oil. Shake well. Spritz and wipe clean. Not only is it natural, you’ll reap the reward of antibacterial properties and refreshing fragrance of the citrus oils.
2. WHITE TEA AND TEA TREE OIL TOILET CLEANER--Bathroom Bowl: Using 2 tablespoons white tea leaves (ground fine) with 1 drop each of tea tree and lavender essential oils in the sink and/or toilet bowl can help to fade stains and it does act as a disinfectant, too. Both tea and oil will clean and provide a clean aroma. Let the tea sit for a few hours, rinse or flush. Repeat as needed. Adapted from The Healing Powers of Tea: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Special Remedy (Citadel, 2018) by Cal Orey
3. LEMON OIL AND SOAP ENAMEL CLEANER—Scrub with Green Cleaners: To clean an enamel sink or toilet, try and all-natural homemade lemon scrub. Combine 1 drop lemon essential oil with ½ cup all-natural laundry soap. Use the mixture and scrub, let rest for 15 minutes. Flush. You will clean stains and enjoy a citrusy scent.
4. VINEGAR AND ORANGE OIL ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER—Counter tops: Use vinegar and orange. In a spray water bottle, add 1 drop orange essential oil, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, and fill it up with tap water. This can be used to clean kitchen and bathroom counter tops, inside the microwave, and on top of the oven. The vinegar and oil cuts through the dirt and grease, fights germs with its antibacterial properties, and leaves a fresh, citrus scent.
(Pre-order for December! Household chapter!) 5. LEMON OIL AND VINEGAR WINDOW WASH—Windows Indoors and Outdoors:  Cleaning windows with an ammonia-based cleaner works, but the aroma is less than desirable. Try making your own window cleaner: mix 1 cup water, ½ cup white vinegar, and 1 to 2 drops lemon essential oil. It works, perhaps not as perfect as a streak-free strong commercial cleaner, but its fragrance makes up for a streak or two. Adapted from The Healing Powers of Superfoods: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Favorite Function Foods (Citadel, 2019) by Cal Orey
6. VINEGAR AND LAVENDER FLOOR CLEANER—No-Wax Linoleum: To wash no-wax linoleum, add one-half cup of white vinegar to a half-gallon of warm water. Add 1 drop lavender essential oil. Your floor will be sparkling clean thanks to the antibacterial compounds of vinegar and essential oil and boast a fresh, floral scent, too! Adapted from The Healing Powers of Vinegar: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Most Remarkable Remedy, Revised and Updated Third Edition (Kensington, 2016)