Got Knives? Here Are Safe And Pretty Storage Ideas For Your Knife Collection

Check your kitchen and see if you have more than one knife. If you do, you need a place to safely store it. You cannot store a knife with other cutlery and kitchen utensils because of that sharp edge! You not only want to keep it safe from you but you also want to not chip that sharp edge. A dull knife after all is more dangerous than a sharp one. 

If you have knives to store, these knife storage ideas will make sure that your knives are not only stored correctly but also safely.
Photo by Lazada 1 Wooden Knife Blocks 
We love that knives can be stored in these gorgeous wooden blocks. These are locally made and come in two shapes: the typical knife block and a fan version or the "pamaypay" shape. If you have a nice set of knives you want to display, these knife blocks can do no wrong. 

Elrine Wooden Knife Holder, P370, Lazada 

JL wood stand knife holder, P75, Shopee
Photo by Shopee 2 Wall Mounted Magnetic Knife Holder
It may not look safe but as long as the magnetic strip is powerful enough, this is one of the safer ways of storing your knife. The typical knife in the kitchen can vary in size and shape and this disregards all that. You're only limited to the length of the magnetic strip that you install in your kitchen! Plus, it's easy to grab the handles of your desired knife and pull it from the magnetic strip. The knife edges are safe from each other and you.    

Wall Mounted Powerful Magnetic Knife Storage Holder, P129, Shopee

Photo by Lazada 3 Wall Hanging Kitchen Utensil Holder
If you want to not only store your knives but also your other utensils in one display case, this is one to get. The knives are hidden behind the hanging utensils in a pretty wall-mounted case. It keeps all your kitchen tools away from the countertop, not only freeing room for the important items you cannot hang but high up and keep it away from small wandering hands, too. 

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Utensils Storage with knife holder, P380, Lazada
Photo by Shopee, Lazada 4 Knife Slot Holders
All of these knife holders use plastic slots to keep your knives safe and snug in place. Any of these knife holders are safe choices. Choose the look that you like, whether you like the bold blue holder, the neutral white and gray one, or the shiny stainless steel look for your kitchen, you have a choice in how your knives are stored and how it looks with the rest of your kitchen.         

Knife storage stand, available in blue and white, P249, Shopee

Xiaomi Huohou Kitchen Knife Block Holder, P869, Shopee 

Aoli Good Quality 8 Inch Kitchen Knifes Holder, P455.36, Lazada 
Photo by Lazada 5 Wall-Mounted Hanging Utensil and Knife Holder
Another kind of wall-mounted knife holder but this one doesn't require magnets. Instead, it relies on slots to keep your knives up and away from the countertop. To ensure it's a sturdy design, this one is made with steel so the knives are not only mounted on a solid steel holder, but there's also no way it can nick and cut through softer plastic.  

Stainless Steel Hanging Organizer Wall Mounted, P235.62, Lazada 
Photo by Lazada 6 Stainless Steel Knife Holder 
If you want a no-nonsense look to the holder of your knives, this is a safe and practical choice. This isn't just steel bars put together, either! It also features a handy plastic tray underneath so you can wash, rinse, clean, and immediately store your knife with no worries that a pool of water will collect under it and develop rust.    

Multi-function 304 Stainless Steel Knife Stand, P399, Lazada 
Photo by Shopee 7 Knife Drawer 
If you in fact have a drawer full of knives, this knife drawer organizer is going to be perfect for you! This useful two-tiered knife holder is made of soft silicone so dulling a knife's edges won't be a concern. Plus, it's super compact that you will take up less space than if you just dropped them all in your drawer!  

2-tier Knife Drawer Organizer, P240, Shopee



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