How to Keep Your Kids—and Your Home—Organized After School

Now that school is back in session, your kids are likely settling into their routine for the year. Help them develop good habits with a little home organization. With help from Spectrum’s variety of baskets, bins, and hooks, you and your family can enjoy a smooth after-school routine.
3 Tips for After-School Home Organization Create a Drop Zone for Backpacks & Coats
Place hooks for jackets and coats near the door so kids will hang them up before running inside—as a bonus, they’ll know where to find them in the morning! Easily accessible hooks and shelves for hats, scarves, gloves, and other accessories will encourage home organization. Vintage Living™ Wall Mount Tray & Hook Station can hold an array of accessories while melding seamlessly into your entryway.

Organize Snacks for Easy Access
Your kids are growing all the time, so they’ll likely need to refuel after a day of learning. Stock a countertop basket—like Spectrum’s Teardrop Large Basket or the Twist Medium Rectangle Basket—full of parent-approved snacks. Keeping snacks in an easy-to-see location will discourage distraction and allow your kids to get started on their homework.

Designate a Homework Space
Learning doesn’t stop after the last bell, so a homework station is a must. Designate an area where your children can focus on their studies, and stock it with all the tools they need to get it done. Include a ruler, protractor, calculator, lamp, notebooks, and pencils. Add a Euro Arc Desktop Office File & Folder Organizer or a Desktop Office File & Letter Holder to hold extra folders and notebooks while your child is focusing on an assignment for another class.

For all your after-school home organization needs, check out Spectrum’s baskets, bins, hooks, and more. With a variety of finishes and styles, you can find a place to put all of your kids’ items without throwing off the aesthetic of your home. Browse their full list of storage solutions here.