If you have a store and you want to sell cold drinks, you need to have a beverage refrigerator for sure

The beverage refrigerators are different from the regular freezers we use as they can achieve the desired temperature faster. Moreover, there are constructional differences, and most of them are transparent to showcase your collection of beverages. Apart from stores, you can have it at your home and use it during a party to serve cold drinks to the guests. The following list contains the top 10 best beverage refrigerators in 2019.
List of Best Beverage Refrigerators Review 10. LANBO Beverage Refrigerator

With large internal storage, this beverage refrigerator stores all of your wine, beer, water, soda or other beverages with ease. This unit also comes along with compressor fan cooling for even cool distribution. Moreover, the unit with dual zone keeps your wine and beverages under separate temperature.

The digital display with touch control also makes this unit user-friendly. Furthermore, the temperature control setting with white indicator light makes this refrigerator highly efficient. The sleek design of this beverage cooler ideally matches every interior. This machine is capable of holding 18 bottles and 55 cans. You can easily install this unit in tight places as well.

Reasons To Buy:
Large storage capacity. Digital display and touch-control panel. Dual zone operation. 9. Antarctic Star Cooler Refrigerator

This freestanding beverage refrigerator comes with double-pane glass door to block the harmful UV rays to damage your drinks. The unit also maintains the temperature range from 40 to 61-degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, the soft blue LED light helps to find out your drink at night with ease. The sleek and compact design of this refrigerator makes it ideal for any décor. Even, you can easily fit the unit in a narrow space.

The transparent glass door of this unit also allows you to display your wine collection by maintaining its quality. Furthermore, this machine is capable of holding 26 pieces of standard sized wine bottles with ease. The space-saving horizontal racking safely stores each bottle of your wine.

Reasons To Buy:
Premium material construction. Double-pane glass door. Blue LED light indicator. 8. EdgeStar Commercial Beverage Refrigerator

With 14-cubic feet of loading capacity, thus beverage refrigerator comes with dual-pane glass door. The size and design of this unit are also ideal for commercial use. Moreover, this machine has a security lock to keep the beverages safe from stealing. The unit comes with temperature alarm to protect your drinks from over frosting. This refrigerator also comes along with an intuitive control panel with digital display. Furthermore, the unit offers even forced air-cooling. The interior LED light makes it easier for you to find your preferred drink faster in the dark. This machine has six wire shelves and four leveling legs. You can set the temperature scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa.

The unit also maintains the temperature range from 36 to 43-degree Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the transparent glass allows everyone to find out his or her drink within a few seconds. The sturdy construction of this unit withstands rough handling. The sleek design of this refrigerator makes it ideal for your commercial place.

Reasons To Buy:
Intuitive control panel. Interior LED light. Temperature alarm. 7. Costway Beverage Refrigerator

The four-tier beverage shelves with three removable slide-out chrome shelves of this beverage refrigerator allow you to store the drinks conveniently. This unit also accommodates tall bottles, cans of wine and beverages with ease. Moreover, this unit has the maximum loading capacity up to 120 pieces of 12-oz standard cans.

This machine also comes with a 3-level temperature control knob. Furthermore, the temperature range of this machine starts from 39 to 61-degree Fahrenheit. This refrigerator delivers faster cooling to keep your beverages fresh for longer. The mid-size unit is ideal to place in your small house, public office, and playroom or at any outlet. The trimmed, reversible and transparent glass door with the stainless steel frame of this refrigerator makes it durable.

Reasons To Buy:
Reversible glass door. Midsized refrigerator. Large storage. 6. Whynter Beverage Refrigerator

This beverage refrigerator includes a soft interior LED light with on/off switch for easy accessibility in the night. The unit comes with the maximum loading capacity up to 120 standard 12-oz cans. Moreover, this machine has the mechanical temperature control with temperature range from the upper 30s to mid-60s-degree Fahrenheit.

This unit also comes with the stainless steel doorframe with trimmed glass door. Furthermore, this door has a cylinder lock and two keys to keep your beverages safe and protected from theft. The compact design ideally fits into narrow places. The sleek design of this refrigerator looks smart at any décor. This energy-efficient unit offers best in class cooling.

Reasons To Buy:
Trimmed glass door. Interior LED light with switch. Excellent loading capacity. 5. EdgeStar Freestanding Beverage Cooler

This freestanding beverage refrigerator has the capacity to hold 103 pieces of 12-oz cans and 5 pieces of 750ml bottles. The unit also comes with manual temperature control. Moreover, this machine maintains the temperature within the upper 30s to mid-50s-degree Fahrenheit. This unit offers powerful compressor-based cooling.

The stainless steel frame with transparent tempered glass also offers an ideal construction. Furthermore, this is a reversible glass door. This machine comes along with six removable, slide-out chrome shelves to organize your drinks according to your preference. This mini refrigerator easily fits into tight places. The unit is energy-efficient as well. This machine has an integrated locking system to keep your drinks safe and secured.

Reasons To Buy:
Integrated locking system. Removable chrome shelves. Reversible glass door. 4. Kalamera Beverage cooler

The stainless steel frame with see-through glass door of this beverage refrigerator makes it easy to point out your beverage. This stylish-looking unit also has a blue interior LED light to take out your drink conveniently in the dark. Moreover, you can easily put this refrigerator in your kitchen or entertainment area.

The freestanding and sleek design of this unit also allows you to install it in narrow spaces. Furthermore, the six pieces of removable wire racks allow you to organize your drinks as per your requirement. This mini beverage cooler holds up to 96 pieces of beer cans. The whisper quiet formula of the compressor ideally maintains the temperature within 38 to 50-degree Fahrenheit.

Reasons To Buy:
Freestanding and compact design. Whisper-quiet technology. LED light indicator. 3. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator

This beverage refrigerator offers the temperature range from 34 to 64-degree Fahrenheit. The unit also perfectly frosts your drinks at 34-degree of lowest temperature. Moreover, this machine has the maximum loading capacity up to 3.4-cubic feet. You can store about 126 pieces of beer cans in this refrigerator. The metal rack of this unit provides extreme durability and storage capacity.

This refrigerator also comes with five adjustable chrome racks. Furthermore, these racks allow you to store beverages according to your requirement. The noise level of this unit is only 35-dB. The freestanding design ideally fits into tight places. The powerful compressor cooling system works very quietly. Even, the sleek design suits every home, bar or office décor.

Reasons To Buy:
Quiet compressor-cooling system. Excellent load capacity. Space-saving design. 2. Danby Beverage Center

With 3.3-cubic feet of loading capacity, this beverage refrigerator holds up to 120 cans of beverage. The mechanical thermostat of this unit also comes along with the temperature range from 43 to 57-degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, this machine has three black wire shelves. The interior light helps you to find out your required beverages at night with ease. You can easily use this refrigerator for your bar, office or home.

The recessed side mount door handle with integrated locking system also keeps your refrigerator and beverages safe and locked. Furthermore, the see-through tempered glass with stainless steel frame is entirely safe for storing drinks. This energy-efficient refrigerator only consumes 368-KWatt in a year.

Reasons To Buy:
Energy-efficient. Integrated locking system. Transparent tempered glass. 1. hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator

The 3.2-cubic feet standing beverage refrigerator comes with a transparent left-hinge glass front door. The door also has a strong stainless steel frame to keep it in place. Moreover, you can clearly see your beverage collection and easily keep it out. The blue LED interior light illuminates easily in the dark for quick access to the bottles.

The under-counter beverage cooler also has large and internal storage with 3-adjustable and chrome shelves. Furthermore, the organizer has the capacity to hold up to 120 pieces of standard water, soda, beer cans. Even, you can conveniently store up to 60 bottles of wine. The easy touch temperature control allows you to drop the temperature up to 33-degree Fahrenheit.

Reasons To Buy:
Featured under Amazon’s Choice. Transparent glass door. Easy temperature control. LED interior light. Buying Guide For Beverage Refrigerator – A Complete Guide:
Think about these points while going through the beverage refrigerators.

As per the structure, purpose, usage, and design, the beverage refrigerators are categorized into three different models:
Free-Standing Refrigerators:
The stand-alone models are very much convenient to place almost anywhere you require it. From kitchen countertop, entertainment areas, dens to game rooms, these beverage refrigerators allow you to enjoy chilled beverages instantly without any sort of lengthy installation procedures. These units are perfect to use in your kitchen, media rooms, lobbies, and waiting rooms, so you do not have to rush to your kitchen room repeatedly for having chilled beverages every time. The compressor of these models emits hot air, so it is better to avoid placing them under cabinets as they can cause overheating and damages to the applications.
Inbuilt Refrigerators:
Widely considered as under-counter beverage coolers, these models are suitable to place both on the countertop and under cabinets. The compressors of the units are at the front to keep the coolers cool. You need to place these models in place of dishwashers or other appliances. You can even add your wet bar to the refrigerators to enjoy drink mixes, wines, and club soda. Even, these machines easily work with the built-in wine rack. The models easily work with walk-in pantry as well.
Outdoor Refrigerators:
The outdoor appliances are easily portable and suitable for several outdoor BBQ and Pool patios.
Zoned Cooling:
Most of the beverage coolers come with single, dual and triple-zone cooling. Each of the beverages, like soda, wine, water, and beer requires a different temperature range. So, for versatile usability, you must look for a refrigerator which comes with at least dual-zone cooling with a different adjustable temperature range.
Most of the cases, the beverage refrigerators come with different size and capacity to fit your need. These models make an ideal alternative to traditional appliances. Generally, you can easily choose the free-standing or inbuilt refrigerators as per your need for saving space in your room. If you want to keep your refrigerator in your kitchen or basement, then it is better to select a model which is compact. On the other hand, if you want to store a large number of beverage cans or bottles for parties or get-togethers, then you can prefer a model with a bigger capacity with adjustable racks.
Exterior Design:
The beverage refrigerators mostly come with simple yet sleek stainless-steel material construction with contemporary exterior design. The models are also highly available with clear or tinted glass door. Mostly, beverage refrigerators come with sleek stainless-steel framing. The polishing of the exterior varies from companies to companies.
As most of the beverage refrigerators come up with simple construction, most of these cooling models allow simple wipe cleaning. You can simply use water or vinegar solution to clean your glass front door. Some of the units come with automatic defrost coolers which let you drain the excess ice with ease and while a few models automatically evaporate the ice with no difficulty.
A beverage refrigerator is perfect for a big family apart from the regular use in stores selling cold drinks. You can have a great collection of a variety of cold drinks starting from coke to beer. You can also set the desired temperature and some of them refrigerator have an inbuilt bottle opener for convenience. In fact, with a good collection, it can easily become the focal point of your store or room where you keep it. We have listed the best possible beverage refrigerators of all types for you to choose from.

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