The Best Knife Drawer Organizer in 2021

Need some extra countertop space? Using in-drawer knife drawer storage solutions can get that extra space you need.

But what’s the best one? There’s lots of great ideas, price points, sizes and even materials to choose from.

If you want a simple and effective solution right out of the gate, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Knife Drawer Organizer

Noble Home & Chef Store - In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

12 or 16 knife slots, carved slots for easy knife retrieval, high grade moso bamboo material and accommodates a wide variety of knives.

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I’m a big fan of wood knife drawer organizers. They last forever and for some reason, you tend to value these nice quality wood products more than plastic.

The best part about lots of in-drawer knife storage is that there is really no “installation” aspect to it. The same goes for Noble Home & Chef Store’s knife storage. It can easily drop right in to most drawers.

If you’re like most family’s, or even a single person household, you don’t have a restaurants quantity of knives laying around.

To get a nice amount of storage without taking up too much drawer space is ideal. The Noble Home knife organizer is great for that as it holds 12 knives in the small options and 16 in the larger.

The Best Value Knife Drawer Organizer

Joseph & Joseph - Drawer Organizer Tray for Knives

Holds 9 knives, two tiers for small and large, various colors, easy to wash, works with blades up to 9″.

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Don’t want to make a big investment? No problem. The Joseph & Joseph in-drawer knife organizer is simple solution.

What I like is the two tier design. Most of us have small knives we consistently use. The two-tier design makes it easier to grab these smaller guys for a quick sandwich or apple.

Will it work with your drawer? It all comes down to the dimensions right? The Joseph & Joseph knife drawer organizer is 15.55″ front to back, 5.63″ side to side and 2.9″ high. Some drawers may be a little deeper than 15.55 inches, so you may need to put a stopper of some sorts to prevent this from sliding around.

And hey, if you’re not a fan of the gray color, they’ve got a few other color options as well.

The Best Custom Fit Knife Drawer Insert

Rev-A-Shelf - 4WDKB-1 2-Row Trimmable 55 Slot Knife Block

Two tiers, 55 slots, maple wood, UV cured clear coat and can be trimmed to fit.

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Want a truly custom fit? With the Rev-A-Shelf wood knife drawer organizer you can get it.

With a table saw or handheld saw, you can trim it down to fit your specific drawer size.

Yes, it’s a little more up-front work, but using this idea prevents any movement and gives you a lasting solution that looks like it came with your kitchen.

The knife drawer organizer comes as a single unit measuring 22″ depth x 18.5″ width x 2″ height. It can be trimmed down from there.

How Do You Organize Knives In a Drawer?

Knives are something most of us use everyday. You want to easily access them. In order to do that, we need to create a dedicated home for your most-used knives.

Instead of a knife block taking up kitchen countertop space, we can utilize a kitchen drawer instead. 

Using an in-drawer knife organizer with tiered levels helps you separate and quickly grab large or small knives easily.

Dedicated organizers also allow you to store the knives in a safe position. The blades are usually concealed and the handles are easy to see.

What's The Best Way to Store Sharp Knives?

The best way to store sharp knives is to use a dedicated knife organizer that keeps the blade and knife protected.

Use a dedicated knife drawer organizer to keep knives separated with blades face down which allows easy access to knife handles.
Use a dedicated knife block to keep blades away from countertop activity
Use knife blade guard protectors to individually protect each knife.
Use a chef’s knife roll bag to easily transport or protect your knives.
Use an under-cabinet drop down solution to conceal and access knives.

How Do You Store Steak Knives?

Just like regular chef’s knives, steak knives can be stored inside a drawer with a knife organizer or wood block. 

In-drawer knife storage keeps your knives protected, separated and sorted.

Another great option is to keep your steak knives protected with edge guards. I like to think if it like sleeping bag for your knife. If you tend to safe your steak knives for special occasions, they are perfect for storage. 

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