The kitchen is my favorite place in the house because I love raiding the fridge and experimenting with new food

Of course, eating is the easy part. But cleanup and organization? Not my forte. I’d rather eat the mouth-watering, chocolatey cheesecake than clean the pan. Now I’m hungry!  But if you take a closer look inside the drawers, Martha Stewart may have a heart attack.

Utensils, pots, pans, and cups litter the insides of the drawer, making cooking a whole lot harder. Most of the times, when you reach for the salt shaker, you end up knocking over at least three other things before actually getting the salt! This is where smart drawer organization skills come in. With a few tips, you can focus more on enjoying the food rather than finding the tools you need to actually put food on the table! You just need a small budget, and a small investment of time to make your drawer neat and organized.
1. Utensil Organizer

Unless you’re a caveman, or it’s taco day, utensils are very important for each meal. But the amount of time it takes to find a fork or spoon in a messy drawer is unthinkable. Think about it, you could have eaten half a taco by then! This utensil organizer will neatly separate each of your utensils and knives in a drawer.

This holder easily extends to fit your drawer, is eco-friendly and gives a rustic vibe to your kitchen decor. Why use a separate knife and utensil holder that takes up valuable counter space? The holder separates the knives, serving spoons and daily utensils while keeping the knives safe and sharp (obviously important)! You can get one here.
2. Pull-out Pots and Pans Drawer organizer

Have you ever tried to pull a pan out only to cause an avalanche riddled with chaos and noise? You can avoid this mess and awful noise pollution with this Pots and Pans organizer. The hooks on the pull-out drawer are adjustable and can hold up to 100lbs weight worth of pots and pans. Usually, about four to five medium-sized pans can comfortably fit within this space. And high durability makes cooking and pulling out a pan a whole lot easier!
3. Drawer Bins

If your tiny pantry and countertops are overflowing with groceries, use these drawer bins. Not only are they customizable for any drawer, but they also clear up countertop space. From spoons to forks and knives, you can store a lot of things in each of the sections of each bin to free up the counter space.

And the best thing is these drawer bins are extremely easy to clean and inexpensive. After all, how you organize and store your items is very important because it lets you know exactly what you have.
4. Bin Holder with handle

Time to tackle those the larger drawers, where you often end up jumbling food items, spices, or bottles of oil because of the extra space available. These bin holders will help organize that drawer and keep your products separate. So you avoid accidentally knocking over olive oil, ruining your drawer.

These bins are perfect for storing candles, pantry food, and other dry items. The handle is an added bonus to avoid any oops-I-dropped-it accidents. These bin holders are easy to clean, and the transparent glass allows to easily see what is stored in which bin. Now you’ll never have to take out a random pack of food only to keep it back again!
5. Spice drawer organizer

Are you proud of your spice collection but end up spending 10 minutes rummaging through the drawer just to find the turmeric? Well, this elegant drawer organizer will help organize your spices leaving you more time to spend perfecting your red Thai curry! Say goodbye to your spice worries. And no more broken glasses of spice lying in your drawer, or mixing up the cumin with mustard seeds (happens more than you think).
6. Tray Organizer

Baking pans, muffin tins, and hand towels are an absolute pain to track down in a kitchen, no matter how orderly it is. Use this tray organizer to simply slide the drawer open and get what you need. It can store kitchen and hand towels on top and other serving and baking trays at the bottom. Now you don’t have to keep rummaging through every drawer just to find one item. Replace your usual drawer with this tray-friendly drawer from Shelfgenie to keep them organized and easy to access.
7. Tea Organizer

If you’re the type of person who loves tea – the earthy Earl Grey or the light, floral chamomile, this bin caddy is for you! It has 3 separate sections, so as to organize your tea bags to your heart’s content. The sections are large enough to hold small packets of chocolate chips or other on-the-go snacks that are small, like granola bars or fruit roll-ups as well. The best thing is these bin caddies are quite easy to clean and transparent, which makes them durable and easy on the eyes of course!
8. Downsizing
Tired of running around the kitchen, trying to find small items like creamer, cookie cutters or a paring knife? On a normal basis, utensils and other small objects should be within an arm’s distance. Fear no more! These small bins smoothly fit all these items, minus the stress. They easily fit into kitchen drawers due to their small size and make organizing a whole lot easier. Each pair of bins is affordable and easy to clean. Who doesn’t love the color green?
9. Charging drawer

With all the hot steam, an electric stove and mouth-watering food present in the kitchen, there’s hardly a safe place left to keep your phone or iPad. Not to mention that it’s dangerous to keep phones near the stove. But the kitchen is where you can catch up on your day with the family or have memorable conversations before rushing off to do home chores. So, what to do?

Get a charging drawer! This drawer can store electronic devices and can be built in such a way that each device has its own charging port and hub. Having such a drawer increases the safety and security in the kitchen, by keeping gadgets in the place they should be: away from the stove and other hot places. Now, you can either DIY this drawer or buy a full version from Rev-A-Shelf.
10. Adjustable drawers

If you don’t like the idea of buying a drawer organizer or just want to conserve space, try the drawer divider. It’s literally a superhero tool for a drawer that is eco-friendly and easy to maintain. You just need to place the dividers in the drawer until you create the number of sections you need. Done! This will neatly organize the utensils separately without the need of buying an extra storage separator just for utensils. Buy one here!
11. Coffee Pods Organizer

For all the coffee lovers out there, an item does in fact exist specifically for you! This coffee pod storage drawer can separately store each creamer, so don’t confuse Irish cream with Vanilla ever again! Especially when you’re groping the counters for your creamer with half-open eyes every morning.

Since it’s made of glass, it blends in perfectly with any type of kitchen decor. Since it can store about 60 creamer pods, it maximizes counter space and minimizes a potentially sticky mess. And in case this wonderful item cannot sit in your drawer, you can place it on the counter! A definite must-have for coffee lovers, buy one here.
12. Paper Towel Cabinet with Trash Bin Drawer

This structure is ingenious! Not only can you use the paper towel, but you can also throw it away at the same time, without having to go on a treasure hunt to find the trash can. The rod above the drawer is built in so that the paper towel roll can be easily installed. Cleaning the kitchen and taking out the trash will be oh so easy after you install this drawer from Diamond Cabinets.

As you can see, with a few adjustments to your drawers, you can maximize space and minimize messes. Whether it requires a bit of adjustment in installing, or literally just putting in a rod to separate utensils, it can make all the difference in organization and neatness. At the end of the day, a clean kitchen is all that matters!

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